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Vitamins And Minerals For Teeth And Gums

A beautiful smile is one of the main components of an attractive appearance and non-verbal communication language. In order to win over people with an attractive smile, you need to have beautiful and healthy teeth. As such, they can be maintained by the presence of a balance of nutrients in the body. What vitamins and minerals for teeth and gums...

The effect of dental diseases on the body

In the process of a person's vital activity, microbes form on his teeth, which harm both the teeth themselves and the body as a whole. Scientists around the world have discovered a connection between unkempt teeth and a significant number of pathologies that arise in the body. Let's consider in more detail what is the effect of dental diseases on t...

5 reasons why you should to brush your teeth before bed

Here are some of the main reasons why you should your teeth before bed. This is very important, but many people forget about it. Reason one: during the day, bacteria accumulate in the mouth in a very large amount. And these bacteria at night will actively multiply at night, provoking . Bacteria in the mouth is completely normal....

Food gets stuck between your teeth

What to do if food gets stuck between your teeth on a regular basis? The problem of food getting between teeth is one of the most common problems in dentistry. For most people, immediately after eating, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the interdental spaces with a floss or a toothpick, since food residues falling between the teeth cause very un...

How To Choose an Irrigator?

Irrigators, as an additional device for maintaining , are more and more confidently included in the daily life of many families. If you have never held this device in your hands, then the criteria that must be followed when buying, you need to know in advance. Only in this case the irrigator will become an irreplaceable and profitable purchase. Let...

Baby’s nipple and bite

The formation of a bite in humans occurs even in childhood, before the eruption of all milk teeth. This process is influenced by many factors - heredity, respiratory failure, the position of the child during sleep. According to most orthodontists, the use of a pacifier has the greatest impact on the development of the baby's lower jaw and the corre...

Do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction?

is a surgical operation. Following the rules will avoid complications: prevent inflammation of the hole, bleeding, etc. All recommendations after removal depend on the belonging of the tooth, the course of the operation, as well as other aggravating factors that predispose to the development of complications. Do's and don'ts after tooth extraction?...

How Does Soda Affect Teeth?

Sweet carbonated drinks are very often consumed by children and young people. And adults sometimes like to remember childhood and treat themselves to sweet soda. However, scientists have long proven the harmful effects of such drinks on the human body. And any practicing dentist will confirm that sugary soda damages not only the digestive organs an...

How to teach a child to brush their teeth

10 life hacks to teach your child to brush their teeth with pleasure In many families, their teeth becomes a daily cause of bickering. Kids (and many schoolchildren!) either completely abandon a simple hygienic ritual, or they do it very badly, spoiling the mood of everyone around them as much as possible. How to teach a child to b...

How to Properly Brush Your Teeth With Braces

Correction of bite anomalies with implies thorough daily care of teeth and structures. The clasps attached to the teeth promote the spread of food particles, therefore it is recommended to brush after each meal. It is important to know how to properly brush your teeth with braces to reduce the risk of . For this, special devices are used. It shou...



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