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Orange County Dental Society

  • March 7, 2021

In 1913, there were only seven dentists in Orange County, all of whom belonged to the Los Angeles Dental Society. These seven dentists together established the Orange County Dental Society (OCDS) in 1919. The Society became a chartered member of the Southern California Dental Association in 1921. In 1948, the Society was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization. The OCDS has seen its original seven-member roster grow to more than 1,950 members, making it the largest of California’s 32 component dental societies. The OCDS is a component of both the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

Continuing Education, Seminars and Scientific Session

The OCDS annual calendar is packed with continuing education courses and seminars that cover that latest issues regarding dental surgery, preventive dentistry and diagnostic services. CE courses and seminars are taught by leaders in the field and are of interest to the full range of Southern California’s dental professionals. Everyone from support staff to general practitioners to dental specialists can benefit from the variety of courses and seminars offered.  In addition to the seminars, OCDS members are eligible to attend all California Dental Association and American Dental Association events, including the CDA’s annual Spring Scientific Session.

Making an Impression

The official publication of the OCDS is the bi-monthly Impressions. The magazine has a circulation of 2,500 and highlights news from the science of dentistry and the dental industry, along with the latest in clinical research developments. News from regional dental practices and local practitioners is also included to keep OCDS members aware of the latest in their community.


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