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How to teach a child to brush their teeth

How to teach a child to brush their teeth

  • August 11, 2021

10 life hacks to teach your child to brush their teeth with pleasure

In many families, brushing their teeth becomes a daily cause of bickering. Kids (and many schoolchildren!) either completely abandon a simple hygienic ritual, or they do it very badly, spoiling the mood of everyone around them as much as possible. How to teach a child to brush their teeth? We are sharing the top ten most effective life hacks!

  1. Start with the very first tooth. The habit of brushing your teeth is not established at the age of “capricious three-year-olds”, but much earlier! Already the first milk tooth must be cleaned with a special soft brush, furnishing the procedure as a game. Use nursery rhymes and pets, be sure to smile and praise your baby to associate cleaning with positive emotions!
  2. Be an example. You can tell your child as much as you like that brushing your teeth is useful, but it’s better to just show it in practice. A child repeats after an adult – this is an ancient law of child development. Therefore, try to introduce the tradition of brushing your teeth with the whole family.
  3. Teach another! To be honest, sometimes brushing your teeth is not very interesting, especially if you are a restless kindergarten citizen. Therefore, the child needs additional motivation. Ask your toddler to teach someone else to brush their teeth, such as their favorite doll or dinosaur. Or, you can even record a short “instructional video” starring your child to send to a friend or grandmother. Usually children really enjoy being teachers!
  4. Useful cartoons. In modern animated series, whole series are devoted to the topic of brushing your teeth. Find them and show them right before your morning or evening ritual.
  5. Modern children – modern methods! Find and download special gaming applications in which colorful heroes show the correct technique, set a timer, and bonuses are awarded for each cleaning! So the routine can turn into a favorite quest!
  6. Arrange a competition. The spirit of competition is great for motivating not only young children. You can compete for the duration of brushing, for the whiteness of your teeth, for what will be the first to reach the bathroom, and so on.
  7. The brush is a lifesaver! Create a story about villainous microbes and superheroes – brush and toothpaste. Children love to play rescue and heroic victories, so let the teeth become the battlefield this time!
  8. Young bloggers – help! For many children, peers have great authority. Search the internet for videos of little bloggers brushing their teeth. This illustrative example can give the daily routine an element of “prestige” in the eyes of the child.
  9. Create a “dental calendar”. A template for such a calendar can be found on the Internet. After each cleaning, you need to make marks in it, and for every 5-7 days without gaps, a reward is due.
  10. See your dentist. A competent specialist will be able not only to conduct a preventive examination, but also to authoritatively tell the baby why it is necessary to brush his teeth. At the same time, in the doctor’s office there may be visual materials: posters, dental models, short videos. Usually such a visit motivates the child to take care of oral hygiene very well!


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