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You’re in downtown Chicago, it’s the middle of the night, and suddenly, you’re hit with a serious dental emergency. Perhaps you tripped and smacked your head on the stairs, or bit down too hard on a bone and cracked your tooth. What do you do? You’ve got a big presentation the next day, and your regular dentist isn’t open at this time of night. Besides, they probably wouldn’t be able to squeeze you in at such short notice anyway. When you’re looking at a 12-hour wait for treatment, an emergency dentist can come in handy, giving you the opportunity to seek dental care when you need it most. Wherever you’re based in Chicago, My-DENTISTRY can help you find a 24-hour emergency dentist that’s perfect for your needs and budget.

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                 Reviews From Verified Dental Emergency Patients Near Chicago 

Anthony D.

Awesome people. I had an emergency of probably the worst kind. Failure in a bridge and looked awful. Called around and this company number into action. Moved schedule around. Got me in and out in an hour or so. Did evaluation, x-ray, MRI. Unbelievable how well I was treated. Kind, gentle. Knowledgeable. And top this very reasonable cost. They rock. Thanks for my smile.


Cynthia G.

Doctor was fantastic entire staff was outstanding as well as professional. Very kind and eased my daughters anxiety. Great group of individuals providing excellent services. This visit was an emergency situation and was thankful that they were able to accommodate my daughter.


Irene O.

Dr. Kakanar first saw me for a Saturday emergency. I had another appointment on the following Tuesday when my husband also needed help and he saw us both. This was extraordinarily generous on his part. Both my husband and I are pleased to have found a dentist who cares enough about us to see us through not only ordinary care but emergency situations.


Common Dental Emergency Procedure Costs Near Chicago

Knocked-Out Teeth – Average cost: $2,976

Although a knocked-out tooth might seem like the worst possible type of dental emergency, you can still save your tooth if you act fast. Once you arrive at the dentist’s office, your dentist will re-implant the tooth and then splint it to the teeth on either side to hold it in position. A root canal may also need to take place, and you’ll have to head back in a couple of weeks to have the splints removed. In Chicago, the cost of this procedure runs to around $2,976.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth – Average cost: $786

There are loads of different types of cracked teeth, including craze lines, split teeth, vertical root fractures, and fractured cusp. Treatment depends upon where the crack is located, the size of the crack, and whether the crack goes down to the gum line. Your dentist may use bonding to fill the crack with plastic resin, while dental crowns may be used to cover over a severe crack. If the crack extends to the pulp, you may need a root canal. The cost of these procedures in Chicagois around $786.

Abscessed Teeth – Average cost: $104

An abscessed tooth, otherwise known as a dental abscess, can be treated in a variety of ways depending on the type and severity of your abscess. Your dentist may drain the abscess by making a small incision, or you may need to undergo a root canal procedure. If the tooth has become too damaged, a tooth extraction may be necessary. You can expect to pay around $104 for these procedures in Chicago.

Lost Filling – Average cost: $149

Often caused by tooth decay, lost fillings require immediate dental attention. After an X-ray, your dentist will decide whether the tooth can be restored by replacing the filling. In some cases, a root canal and a crown/cap might be needed, while on rare occasions, a tooth extraction could be necessary. The cost of this procedure is around $149 in Chicago.

Lost Crown – Average cost: $1,190

If tooth decay has caused the shape of your tooth to change, this can sometimes result in your crown falling out. Sometimes, the crown can simply be replaced, but in other cases, your dentist may need to reshape the tooth to make sure that the crown doesn’t just fall out again. You can expect to pay $1,190 for this procedure in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Broken Braces and Wires – Average cost: $119

Although it may not sound especially serious, displaced wires from broken braces can cut into the inside of your mouth and cause a great deal of discomfort. A visit to the emergency dentist or orthodontist could be helpful if the pain is severe enough. In Chicago and the surrounding area, you can expect to pay around $119 for this procedure.

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What Isn’t a Dental Emergency?

There are a couple of great ways that you can tell whether or not you’re experiencing a dental emergency. First, do you need immediate treatment to save the tooth? Second, do you need immediate treatment to stop your dental injury from bleeding? Third, do you need immediate treatment to alleviate the high level of pain that you’re experiencing? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re experiencing a dental emergency and should head to the emergency dentist as soon as possible. However, if your dental issue doesn’t fit those categories – for instance, you’ve been grinding your teeth, or your teeth are sometimes sensitive when you eat – you can probably wait until your regular dentist is available to seek treatment.

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