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Rebuild Your Smile With a Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you've spent a long time living with mouth pain or feeling insecure about some missing teeth, isn't it time to make a change? Full mouth reconstruction will not only help you feel better about how you look, it'll also improve your dental health. That's because full mouth reconstruction doesn't just replace missing o...

Teeth Whitening: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Have you noticed that your pearly whites are not quite as pearly or white as they used to be? Over time many factors can play a role in tooth discoloration. Though some steps can be taken to minimize further staining, you may want to get a little extra help from your dentist or use an over-the-counter  pr...

Cosmetic Dentist: Your Smile Guru

What’s in a Name? Technically speaking, all dentists are cosmetic dentists. That's because there is no formal training required for cosmetic dentist like there is for a pediatric dentist or orthodontist. The American Dental Association doesn'...

Speed Braces

 It's no coincidence that everyone loves a great smile  - recent research has determined that seeing a smile gives more pleasure than eating chocolate or having sex. But when you don't have a smile you're proud of, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable just to open your mouth....



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