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The Aging Mouth: What’s Normal, What’s Not?

If you're like most seniors, you know that some changes to your body are a normal part of the aging process and others aren't. The same applies to your dental health. That's right, the health of your teeth matters as you age, too! So it's easy to understand why you might be wondering what changes are normal and what might signal something more s...

Dental Care Checklist – Seniors

Even if you've had a lifetime of professional dental care, it's never a good idea to stop! You might be paying extra attention to your overall health now; be sure to give your teeth some, too. √ Visit your dentist regularly. Regular dental exams/checkups and teeth cleanings are just as important as ever -- ev...

Seniors at Higher Risk for Dental Cavities

You may think that as an adult you don't have to worry about cavities anymore -- but dental cavities aren't just child's play!As we entered the new millennium, it was discovered that seniors were actually getting more dental cavities than children. Today, children and seniors are still the two highest at-risk groups for tooth decay....



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