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Baby’s nipple and bite

The formation of a bite in humans occurs even in childhood, before the eruption of all milk teeth. This process is influenced by many factors - heredity, respiratory failure, the position of the child during sleep. According to most orthodontists, the use of a pacifier has the greatest impact on the development of the baby's lower jaw and the corre...

How to teach a child to brush their teeth

10 life hacks to teach your child to brush their teeth with pleasure In many families, their teeth becomes a daily cause of bickering. Kids (and many schoolchildren!) either completely abandon a simple hygienic ritual, or they do it very badly, spoiling the mood of everyone around them as much as possible. How to teach a child to b...

Wisdom Teeth and Teens: What Every Smart Parent Should Know

Like dental braces, the removal of wisdom teeth is one of the dental "rites of passage" for teens.Wisdom teeth -- or third molars -- are our final set of molars and usually start to emerge between the ages of 16 and 25. They are known as "wisdom" teeth in most cultures because of their late arrival compared to other adult molars....

Your Baby Teeth Primer: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

If you've got an infant or toddler, you're probably on high alert to spot and treat some of the more common afflictions of childhood -- from coughs and colds to ear infections and more. You've been trained to arm yourself with the facts, practice basic healthy habits and be on constant lookout for potential problems. So why should you be any les...

Your Child’s First Dental Visit: Tips for Moms & Dads

With all the new experiences children might encounter at the dental office, it's no surprise that parents might be a little anxious about their child's first dental visit. But if you're thinking about your infant's dental health, you're already a gold star parent. Setting up your child's first dental visit is a step in the right direction, and e...



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