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Talking About Your Medical History With Your Dentist

When you first visit a new dentist you will be asked to fill out some forms detailing your medical history. You may be tempted to gloss over certain conditions or medications because you can't see how they affect your dental health or why they would be important to your dentist. Don't.Although it might seem like the majority of non-oral...

Time to Take Your Own Dental Advice? No!

We know that you can probably come up with multiple reasons to avoid going to the dentist. We've all been there! Sometimes a big part of the problem is that we take our own "bad" dental advice in order to justify what we know are really just bad habits. You can kick this negative cycle once and for all, but it requires changing your mindset. Si...

New Root Canal Treatment for a Painless Root Canal

Root canal therapy has gone high-tech recently, making the procedure as easy as possible for both patients and dentists! Thanks to recent root canal technology, teeth can now be treated without invasive dental surgery. With modern dental instruments and advanced techniques, dentists have more resources than ever to complete successful root ca...



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