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5 reasons why you should to brush your teeth before bed

Here are some of the main reasons why you should your teeth before bed. This is very important, but many people forget about it. Reason one: during the day, bacteria accumulate in the mouth in a very large amount. And these bacteria at night will actively multiply at night, provoking . Bacteria in the mouth is completely normal....

Food gets stuck between your teeth

What to do if food gets stuck between your teeth on a regular basis? The problem of food getting between teeth is one of the most common problems in dentistry. For most people, immediately after eating, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the interdental spaces with a floss or a toothpick, since food residues falling between the teeth cause very un...

How To Choose an Irrigator?

Irrigators, as an additional device for maintaining , are more and more confidently included in the daily life of many families. If you have never held this device in your hands, then the criteria that must be followed when buying, you need to know in advance. Only in this case the irrigator will become an irreplaceable and profitable purchase. Let...

Do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction?

is a surgical operation. Following the rules will avoid complications: prevent inflammation of the hole, bleeding, etc. All recommendations after removal depend on the belonging of the tooth, the course of the operation, as well as other aggravating factors that predispose to the development of complications. Do's and don'ts after tooth extraction?...

Brushing Teeth: How to Do It Right

As we know, brushing your teeth is an essential part of your oral hygiene routine, but are we all doing it correctly? To maintain healthy teeth and gums you must use the correct routine and doing this regularly and thoroughly, will help to ensure your mouth stays healthy. Whilst we probably all do this slightly differently, below are some simple, h...

Dry Mouth: Causes and Treatment

Dry mouth (xerostomia) occurs when the mouth does not make enough saliva. While it is not dangerous, it can be a bothersome symptom. Dry mouth may also appear due to other reasons, such as a medication or underlying condition. To determine the cause of your dry mouth, your doctor likely will review your medical history and all medications you're...

Dental Myths and Misconceptions

There are many dental myths about what it takes to keep your teeth healthy. While good oral health can be achieved in just minutes a day, the wrong practices can cause irreversible damage. Separate fact from fiction. Myth 1: Only Sugar Causes Cavities The truth: Sugar itself doesn’t cause cavities, although it...

Teeth Grinding: How to Prevent

Most people probably grind and clench their teeth from time to time. Occasional teeth grinding, medically called bruxism, does not usually cause harm, but when it occurs on a regular basis the teeth can be damaged and other oral health complications can arise. Why Do People Grind Their Teeth? Although teeth grinding can be caused...

How to Pick a Toothbrush

Maintaining good oral hygiene plays a big role in our overall health. Toothbrushes, of course, are an essential part of our oral hygiene routine, but which toothbrush is best? When choosing the right toothbrush for you, it’s important to consider the bristle type, toothbrush type, and the overall shape, quality, and comfort. ...

First Aid Kit for Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. You could be sitting at home watching your favourite TV show or walking your dog in the park or hiking with some friends. If you or your loved one experience a dental emergency, it’s fortunate to find a dentist right around the corner. But what if the dental clinic is a three-day hike away? Dental...



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