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Broken Braces Wires

Broken Braces Wires

  • June 17, 2021

During orthodontic treatment, you have to face many problems such as loose or broken braces wire, bracket, elastics, springs, and others. What happens when your braces wire breaks?

Broken braces or wire can rub or poke your cheek, tongue, or gums. They can also cut your mouth or cause it to bleed. Moreover, this may interrupt tooth movement in some cases and delay the treatment. So, you need to get them fixed to prevent further damage.

What does the orthodontist do with broken braces or wire?

Your orthodontist will take a clear look at the affected area of broken braces or wire. Based on the situation, he will reposition, adjust, and rewatch the existing bracket or wire. If it can’’ be possible to repair, he can replace the affected piece and attach a new one. It may take time to fix the braces and wire.

However, if the problem is minor and you don’t feel any pain or discomfort, he may delay the fixing schedule till your next adjustment appointment. Whatever the case is you must consult with him for the best solution.

Why do braces or wires break?

Here are the reasons for which braces or wire may get loosen or broken:

Biting on a hard surface

Bad oral habits such as biting on a pen or nails put pressure on your braces. This extra pressure causes broken braces or wire.

Chewing hard foods or eating sticky foods

While wearing braces you have to avoid hard and sticky foods. These foods provide excess pressure in your teeth and braces. If they get stuck between braces and teeth, it can also distort the bracket or wire. Many people like to chew meat bones. You should never do that with braces.

Injury to mouth

An injury to the mouth is always very dangerous. However, with braces on teeth, it makes the situation worse. An injury may occur during sports or outdoor activity that has a high risk of falls on teeth. This can break braces and wires.

Faulty tooth brushing technique

If you don’t follow the proper method of toothbrushing with braces, it may damage your braces and wire. You have to be careful so that the brush doesn’t hurt your braces. But, you can’t avoid brushing teeth, as you have to maintain oral hygiene. Don’t use a hard bristle toothbrush.

Wrong flossing method

If you can’t floss your teeth with the appropriate method, you can break the braces or wires easily. Don’t use a toothpick or floss that may damage braces.

Poor oral hygiene

You have to clean your teeth regularly and thoroughly. If you can’t maintain it, excess plaque and food debris can damage your teeth as well as braces.

How to prevent broken braces or wire?

Here are ways to prevent broken braces or wire:

Eat a soft diet

Choose braces-friendly soft foods. These foods don’t give pressure to your teeth. Know about the foods to eat with braces.

Avoid hard, sticky and crunchy foods

Stay away from these foods because they can break your braces. It also makes maintaining oral hygiene difficult. Know about foods that you should avoid with braces.

Chew foods carefully

After getting braces, you have to chew foods carefully. Use back teeth while chewing. Take a bite carefully during eating. Avoid taking a big bite.

Give up bad oral habits

Avoid biting on a pen or nail to prevent the broken braces.

Learn the proper method of brushing your teeth

While wearing braces, you have to use an appropriate brush. It’s a little bit different from brushing teeth without braces. Besides, brush gently and slowly to prevent any damage.

Learn the technique of flossing your teeth

When you wear braces, you have to use the proper technique of flossing. Be aware of hurting the braces.

Use braces cleaning kits

You should use flosses such as water flossers and others that are good for braces. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid getting hurt.

Maintain oral hygiene

Brush at least twice a day thoroughly and regularly. Rinse every time after you take food. Floss your teeth properly at least once a day.

Wearing a mouthguard during sports

You have to use a mouthguard when you play outdoor sports or perform an activity that can cause an injury.

Your orthodontist is the person who can fix the problems and you should visit his or her office as soon as possible.

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