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5 reasons why you should to brush your teeth before bed

5 reasons why you should to brush your teeth before bed

  • August 31, 2021

Here are some of the main reasons why you should brush your teeth before bed. This is very important, but many people forget about it.

Reason one: during the day, bacteria accumulate in the mouth in a very large amount. And these bacteria at night will actively multiply at night, provoking caries. Bacteria in the mouth is completely normal. Like any living organism, bacteria need something to feed on and the food debris in the mouth, including sugar, is a breeding ground for them. The bacteria feed by secreting acid that destroys the enamel of our teeth. In addition, bacteria multiply: more bacteria – more acid is released. And the faster is the process of destruction of enamel.

In general, you should not brush your teeth strictly just before going to bed or waking up, you should brush your teeth after every meal. It’s just that the amount of time we sleep is long enough for the bacteria to produce more acid, which is harmful to our teeth.

The second reason is that the fluoride contained in the toothpaste will have time to strengthen the teeth overnight and provide protection from the influence of the acid produced by bacteria during the time between dinner and sleep. This will prevent bacteria from damaging your teeth at night. But you should also not immediately run to the bathroom after eating – during this period, the acid affects the teeth, softening the surface layer of the enamel. Brushing your teeth in this case will only aggravate the process. Therefore, it is better to wait 30 minutes after the end of dinner and only then take the brush in your hand.

Reason three: bad breath. The habit of brushing your teeth before bed can help you avoid (or reduce) bad breath. It is unlikely that you will delight your friends, family and loved ones with bad breath. By the way, it is more correct and more useful to brush your teeth after about 30 minutes after dinner, and before going to bed, you can simply rinse your mouth. However, keep in mind that it is absolutely impossible to replace brushing your teeth with rinsing. Mouth rinses wash away residue after brushing, but no rinse aid can remove plaque from enamel

Reason four: plaque is no longer soft when it is rarely brushed off. Hardened dental plaque turns into tartar, which cannot be removed on your own. Only a dentist can remove tartar. In advanced cases, this is a direct road to caries, and on many teeth at the same time.

The fifth reason: how strange it is, but this is how you struggle with excess weight. Sounds intriguing? But here is a very simple explanation. Dental caregivers are unlikely to eat before bed or at night after brushing their teeth. If the teeth have already been brushed, then many will be too lazy to do it an extra time.


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